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100 Fan Fictions of Lita
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Welcome to lita_fics100 brought to you by the mods of lita_fics.

About The Community

This community was created from inspiration from 100moods, fanfic100 and 100_situations. Our twist is that all fics must be Lita Centric. Please read on before you join the community.

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Community How-To’s

1. Join the community. Please only *join* if you plan to take part in a challenge. Please watch/friend the community to keep up with updates.
2. Check the list of challenges here
3. Make a claim here. Once your claim has been accepted we will give you posting access to this community.
4. Once you have been accepted, please post a copy of your chosen table in this community. All actually fics must be posted in the lita_fics commnunity and not here.
5. Start writing and posting, linking the stories you post in lita_fics to your table in this community.
6. Once you've finished your claim and your table is fully complete , let us know here Your name will be posted in the hall of fame.

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Is there a deadline?

Nope, you can take as long as you like.

Which ratings are allowed?

Anything from G to NC-17

Is slash allowed?


How long should each story be and what kinds of stories are allowed?

The minimum word count is 100 words for a drabble, and there is no maximum. They can be songfics, drabbles, ficlets, character studies, series. Anything goes!

Can I write a series?

Of course, just make sure that each chapter of the series uses a different prompt.

Can I use a fanfic for more than one prompt?

No, you need to write 100 separate stories.

How do I link my fics to the table and why do I need to do that?

You need to start linking your fics back to the table every time you've written one so that you'll be able to keep track of which word prompts you've completed and you'll be able to allow other readers to check out the fics you've written.

And here's how you'll be able to link your fics back to your table.

Whenever you post a fic in lita_fics, there's a URL address for the page. You copy and paste the URL that displays your fic.

To make the HTML link work, you need replace the "Prompt" word in your table with the following (but do not delete the HTML for the table -- all the <td> etc). Simply replace the word prompt with the following:

See this post for the full FAQs.

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Please see here for the rules.

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Go to this post to check out the different tables you can claim.

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Story Information

The following MUST be the minimum included in your story information. Add any applicable warnings if necessary.

Subject: (Claim Pairing/Characters. Fic Number. Prompt.)
Example: Lita/Edge. 006. Angry.

Title: (your story title)
Fandom: (which fandom your claim is from)
Characters: (central characters in the fic)
Prompt: (which of the 100 prompts inspired this piece)
Word Count: (how many words in just the body of the story)
Rating: (G through NC17)
Warnings/Spoilers: (warn against offensive content and spoilers)
Summary: (what your story is about in a sentence or two)

The LJ cut to your fic

ALWAYS use an LJ cut, even if you are only posting a 100 word drabble!

Remember all stories must posted at the main lita_fics community.

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cherrycokerocks and sweetrapture82

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Credit to causefire
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